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Hello Friends, This site will help with the Information of how to Prevent Kidney Failure.

I am Rakesh Gadipelli, my age is 30yrs. I want to tell you somthing about my self. At the age of 23, I got to know that by Both Kidney got failed n my creatinine level was 13. So I Admitted in Jislok Hospital, they Prek me a Catheter inside my Neck. For almost 2 months i was on dailysis. We thought Ayurvedic can cure me, so we Trusted on Ayurvedic Dr. who is Guaranteed us that, it will cure me 100%. So we trusted him blindly, these time was most difficult time for me n my family, for almost 70 Days later my creatinine level goes to 33, Dr. were in shock how Iam till alive. Again they Prik me a Catheter inside my Neck, Dailysis got Started again. That was the Difficult time for my family. that time i lost my mind, i not even recognise my family, it was a tough time for us. within a week i got recover, my immunity power was good. after almost 15 days I got discharge, Year was April 2014. In every Single year from summer to Rainy season i get Admitted, most commonly reason is fluid as been filled inside my lungs. recently my one opration as been done. Almost 12 to 13 time i got addmitted from past 2013 to till now. I am Still on Dailysis in Sidhivinayak Dailysis Centre. My Regular Checkup is in Bombay Hospital, Charchgate, Mumbai at Dr. Hardik Shah. For Transplant I registered in Jupiter Hospital, Thane. We think Transplant will be done this month, may be...by God Grace

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