FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What happens when kidneys fail?

Healthy kidneys remove wastes and extra fluid from your blood. But when your kidneys fail, wastes and extra fluid can build up in your blood and make you feel sick. You may have some of the following symptoms:

  1. nausea
  2. trouble sleeping
  3. poor appetite
  4. weakness
  5. tiredness
  6. itching
  7. weight loss
  8. muscle cramps (especially in the legs)
  9. swelling of your feet or ankles
  10. anemia (a low blood count)
  11. trouble sleeping

Once you begin treatment for kidney failure, your symptoms will improve and you will begin to feel much better.

What treatments are available for kidney failure?

There are two treatments for kidney failure — dialysis and kidney transplant. The dialysis treatments or transplanted kidney will take over some of the work of your damaged kidneys and remove wastes and extra fluid from your body. This will make many of your symptoms better.

  1. Two different types of dialysis can be done — hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis. Both remove waste products and extra fluid from your blood.
  2. A kidney transplant is an operation that places a healthy kidney in your body.

After your kidneys stop working, approximately how long can you survive without dialysis or a transplant?

Most people can maintain normal filtering in their kidneys even if they have lost 90% of kidney function. It is only when less than 10% of kidney function remains that metabolic problems can arise. Chronic renal failure is the more common condition. In the case of acute renal failure the renal function declines rapidly within hours or days giving rise to serious metabolic disturbance. If that state continues to the point that the person is no longer producing urine, which is known as oliguria, it is unlikely that the person could survive longer than 2 to 3 weeks. However, once that point is reached it would not be possible to survive more than a couple of weeks without undergoing dialysis or a kidney transplant.

Ayurvedic is right choice to cure kidney failure?

No, Not at all its not an right choice, it will not cure you, it will make more worst than you think. Trust me i meat lots of Ayurvedic Dr., None of them will cure you. you will lost you weight. your Creatine will go higher n higher day by day.

If your in 1 to 4 stage of kidney failure, than?

For Self Care : Low protein diet :- A diet that reduces consumption of meats, fish and cheese used to treat certain kidney and metabolic diseases. & You should not consumption of coconut water, Shell fishes...etc., Ignore the food which conatin potassium, uric acid, Phosphorus... etc. Take your Medicines regularly...

Procedure to register for cadaver (accidental Cases) under ZTCC?

For Cadaver:- Need to select one Private Hospital & one Gov. Hospital as per Gov. Rule under ZTCC. In Case you have selected Jupiter Hospital, you need to fill up a form under Organ Donar Social Worker of Jupiter Hospital. They will tell you what is the procedure to Register under ZTCC & Live Donor means Donor From Your Family Member

After Transplant, what?

After your Transplantation, You Need to be Hygiene, you cant go out side without Mask, there should be separate toilet for your safety. you may get infected if you ignore any of the point. you should take care of your self, your Family can't keep an eye on you every time. If you want to survive than take care of your self. Take Medicines on time dont skip them.

Where can i buy Costly EPO Inj. (2000 IU to 10000 IU) & Medicines in low cost?

Jivan Jyot Drug, G -3 Ganjawala Tower, 508, Sane Guruji Marg, Tardeo, Mumbai - 400034. Contact No.- 022 23529047/ 23523715. Is the Place where you can buy all your Medicines in lower price than MRP

What is ZTCC?

ZTCC is nothing but an Organistaion where all KIDNEY, LIVER, EYES, LUNGS (Organs) Transplantation is Register. they give all accidental case to Registered patient under ZTCC Number wise. for Transplant it may take upto 4 to 6 years for opration, In case your lucky it may take within 1 year. ZTCC Office of Maharashtra, Mumbai is in Soin Hospital.

For dialysis what should you prefer AV Fistulla or Catheter?

AV Fistula is Best for Dailysis (HemoDailysis),AV Fistula life is upto more than 10 years & where Catheter Life is 1 month to 1 year only. In Catheter Infection Chances are Very high.

While dialysis which medicines should i keep?

If your a Diabetic & low blood pressure Patient than keep Dextrolx-25% (100ml NS) & For High Blood pressure patients keep your BP tablets with you always.

What is Transplantation Cost?

No. Pay to Cost Reason When
1. Hospital 30,000 Blood test Operation Day
2. ZTCC 50,000 ZTCC Rigistraion Ch. Operation Day
3. Hospital 5,00,000 Operation Operation Day
4. Hospital 2,00,000 Anti Botics Inj. Operation Day
5. Medicines Aprox. 3,00,000 Anti Botics Med. 1st Year after Operation
6. Total Aprox. 10,80,000

Can i Skip the Dailysis for single day or go for an holiyday for some days?

No, Not at all. In case you skip the dailysis, fluid intake will be higher, n you may suffer from breathlessness & alots of complications you may suffer.

Can Kidney patient go for Yoga or Exercise?

Yes, to be Fit, you can go for Yoga or Exercise. you should maintain your body accourding to your Height & Weight. you shoul take precaution on overweight or obesity. Monitor your weight regularly.

Which Dr. you sugget for Hypertension?

Dr. Hardik Shah [MD (Medicine), DNB (Nephrology)] is the Best Doctor to control you Blood Pressure. His OPD is in Bombay Hospital on Monaday, Wednesday, Friday 2pm to 4pm, Consulting Room 134(1st flr. MRC Bldg.) on Appointment bases, Contact No.- 9833919767.

What is AV Fistulla & Is there any Machine inside your Hand..?

AV Fistula is an abnormal connection or passageway between an artery and a vein & there is NO Machine in side my Hand, Dr. just Join my Artery n Vein Concention together, it take upto 45 Days to develop, you need to keep on doing hand exercise to develop your Artery n Vein. it works like a water motor pump, thats the reason its get vibrates all the time.

How can you maintain your body for Transplant or Dailysis?

I have Diet Chart goto Diet Chart Page Referenced by professional Doctor (From 1 of the Best Hospital in Maharashtra), apart from that :-
  1. Maintain your healthy body weight
  2. Keep your liquid profile (water intake) controlled
  3. Keep your Blood pressure controlled
  4. Maintain a healthy Bone
  5. Prevention of Anemia
  6. Keep your food safe and maintain hygine

Is dialysis painful?

Dialysis itself does not hurt. In hemodialysis the needles may hurt going in, but they should stop hurting after that. You can ask for numbing medicine before you get the needle sticks if they bother you. Many people get used to the needles in time. Painful muscle cramps can happen during hemodialysis, especially if you gain a lot of fluid weight between treatments. Your care team can help stop the cramps when they happen and work with you to keep them from happening again. You can help by following your fluid limits and learning about dialysis.

How to control your blood pressere?

Salt intake should be 1.5g per day, it will be much better if you intake even less. Goto Dr. regularly for blood pressere checkup, Take your Medicines regularly, don't miss not even single day.

How to control your Drinking water Intake?

In Case your sufering from kidney failure, Dr. Might tell you 800ml per Day including Tea, cofee, dal...etc everything which you intake in form of liqued. I will tell you a trick where you can control over water intake, Drink Hot water alway, drink like a Tea sip by sip... (take only 2 or 3 sips)

How kidney patient sufer from TB?

How can you be safe from TB(Tuberculosis), you should not Intake Cold water at any cost, it can make your lungs filled with fluied(Water), Your lungs may filled with cough, than it may cause TB.

Could my health get worse if I start dialysis?

Dialysis will not make your health worse. Many people need a few weeks to adjust to dialysis. It takes time to get used to the routine, the medicines and the treatments. Once dialysis is working well to remove extra wastes and fluids, you should begin to feel much better.

Will I feel better after I start dialysis?

Unless you are very sick for reasons other than kidney failure, dialysis should help you feel better. Some people feel better the first week. Others notice a difference after a few months. If your dialysis treatments make you feel ill or tired, tell your care team your symptoms so they can help you feel better.

What will be your Dite chart?

I have uploaded a Document in Diet Chart Page you can see a complete Dite chart. Dailysis Day & the Normal Day, Protine Intake, what should eat for Vegetarians as Well as non-Vegetarians

How many dialysis should I take weekly?

I would Recommend you to take atleast 3 Dailysis per week, Every Dailysis should be 3.30 hr per Dailysis. In Dailysis You should Eat atleast 6 to 7 Chapatis & Bajji to be Fit.

How Trust will help you for Dialysis Costing?

Firstly You need some documents like:- *Income Certificate *Estimate letter from Dailysis Centre *Application from you *AAdhar Card *Ration Card...etc These are the most commonly asked Documents

Is a urine infection can cause a kidney failure?

Yes, In case if you ignore the infection, it might cause for kidney failure. You should consult Dr. as soon as possible, take a propare treatment

Get your kidney function checked if you have one or more of the ‘high risk’ factors

  • you have diabetes
  • you have hypertension
  • you are obese
  • one of your parents or other family members suffers from kidney disease
  • you are of African, Asian, or Aboriginal origin

Is a kidney failure, is a Contagious diseases?

No, Its not a Contagious diseases. kidney failure does not spread from person to person.